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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Because it's worth it

Now that I am on a diet+exercise regime, everytime I eat something or am tempted to eat something sinful, I wonder to myself....

Is it worth it?

Just last week, I almost wanted to take the lift down,walk across and then get myself one curry puff from Old Chang Kee to eat.

Then I thought to myself...is it worth it?

After all the effort I've gone through to lose that 3 kilos or so....

So I didn't buy it in the end. Hahha....

But last Saturday, I bought Ash dinner at a nice French Restaurant near my place. Vis-avis! My favourite french place....well one of my favourite.

Decided to cast all the dieting shit aside, for this dinner...sorta like a make-up V-day celebration/gift from me.

Next time you should try there too!

The setting. We kena banished to the corner. Hahha.

I didn't have any butter to go along with the warm bread. Whoever eats that whole piece is committing diet-suicide man.

They have this drink...but didn't try it. Quite cute.

I wore a purple top, purple necklace with purple shoes! WHahhha, so matchy! Like Liz! My top very low....I like it!

Ash ordered the set, while I had the ala carte menu.

His starter. Some liver pate thing.

Hhehehehe, I ordered the sinful goose liver. Foie gras! Two times in a week! Shit! I am committing diet-suicide lah.


Peach on the side! Very sweet!

I had the pigeon...inside got somemore foie gras! Alamak!

Like mountain! The potato....mashed inside and hard and crunchy on the outside.

The foie gras is inside!!!!!!!!!

Ash had the grouper. I have never eaten such chewy fish before. Also yummy!


I had the chocolate torte. Peach ice-cream on the side.

Oozing out coffee and chocolate....

The peach ice-cream had chocolate as a shell(or peach skin lookalike) and the ice-cream inside.

Ash's set dessert. Some banana + vanilla ice-cream + chocolate soup. HAahahah....

The waiter gave us more chocolate....

The waiter was like,"Oh chocolate is very good for the heart. And a aphrodisiac...."

Then he gave the look. -_-"

What the heck!?

But it was SOOOOOOO good man....the chocolate was deliciously sinful.

My dessert! On a spoon! A little banana, a little choco+coffee thing and a little cold, sour and sweet peach ice-cream.

Looks like shit here...but tastes heavenly.

Hohoho. Double me! My hair is so flat. Didn't have time to blow it....Ash was early for once!

So you ask,"Was the dinner worth it?"


Didn't feel guilty at all. Felt happy and powerful! (Maybe its cos of the chocolate and coffee also)

Went to Sassyjan's birthday party at MOS the day before! Wah, it's my first time there and it's really big!

But I ain't too keen on such over-hyped places, cos I am like old and lazy. Left for devilsbar at like 11plus. I am so AUNTIE! But I like it there somehow....so comfortable with all my friends.

Anyway I am in the picture....but my face cannot really be seen. Which is a good thing also...scully I look ugly inside.

Try finding my name! Janice did a good job labelling and mosiacing people.

So tired now lah. Nites.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I Not Romantic

I hate the parks.

I hate strolls.

I hate the beach.

I hate the sun, and probably the sunset too.

Heard from Calvin that he and his date were at East Coast Park yesterday for Valentine's Day and it was crowded with couples. There was always a couple at every single corner or space over there!

Do I look like a diary or something? How come EVERYBODEEE is telling me what they did for Valentine's Day? They'll msn/call me and like,"Hey I did this this this this this."

With full sordid details. In my opinion, that's too much information.

And then out of politeness they go,"So how is yours?!"

Then they go,"Brb."

And they never come back.

Maybe nobody really wants to know what I did for Valentine's Day....maybe everybody knows that I am not romantic and it'll be one of those posts with lots of food or crappy shopping stuff.
Anyways, sidetracking abit.

I SERIOUSLY stand by this post.

Never did I expect to bump into an almost-ex today during lunch.

He is an almost-ex because we sort of dated a few times but we never ended up together or anything. And he's the kind of guy that from the beginning you know that you are heading for doom if you go any further. Eventually we lost contact(or was it deliberate...hmmm)....

So I kinda walked past him and our eyes caught each other.


I forgot his name....

Hahhaa, so I continued walking.

And I know....today I looked better than I was 3-4 years ago.

I also know....today he looked much worse than he was 3-4 years ago.

Yah, so you never know who you'll bump into the next time.

Be prepared at all times.

Like Liz! She got 2-3 bags of cosmetics in her handbag. Siao bo! Like going make-up camping or something.

I only have 1! But I seldom touch up my makeup, unless I'm trying to conceal something. Usually I just make sure I am made-up properly before I go out and so ultimately I only just need to bring powder and my favourite lip gloss!

Yes. I mentioned that I will not go near the makeup counters anymore...but the attraction is just TOOOOO strong!

Got these 2 last weekend.

I love the pinkish one, and that's Sugar Rose. I am about to finish my current one, so I thought I should just go buy another. Hhahaha....

The Dior Lip Gloss is nice, but a bit too MUCH for me everytime I try to apply it with the wand. But this Estee Lauder one is JUST nice when I apply it. Not too thick and not too thin.
It came out on Women's Weekly top beauty buys....I bought it when it first came out last year and I have never looked back since. Love it!

Oh yah, my Valentine's Day.

The flowers came early for V Day. I had a surprise on Monday while at work!

The receptionist called me to go down to collect something, and I sorta knew what it was!

If you really want to make your girlfriend happy, one way is to send flowers to the office. The bigger the better!

It's not a gesture of love on your part.

It's to let your girlfriend hao lian a bit in front of her colleagues!

People see big bouquet of flowers they'll go, "Wah from your boyfriend ah! So sweeeett!! Etc etc."

Your face also bigger wor!

Not only that, you have announced your status in the company also.

Guys who were thinking of dating your gf also step back 3 steps....hahaha.

Ok this is ridiculous. Shall stop ranting about this.

Yups, so got a bouquet of red roses with a balloon on Monday. I think mine was seriously the biggest in the level. Most of the people are married(married people seldom care about such days).

Then on Tuesday(the day itself), he took me out for lunch at a Turkish Restaurant.

Inside the Turkish Restaurant....

We ate some baked oysters....

Some lamb thing.

Some beef kebab. The bread is absolutely wonderful! So nice....

Crepes for dessert.

It's at Robertson Walk I think.....

Totally didn't expect the food to be so nice. It's beside Sketchers if I am not wrong....will definitely go there for lunch again!

At night, we went for our Teppanyaki dinner at Shima. This Jap restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel. I went there before. It's in the old blog.


At first I also didn't know what it was, but Ash said that it's hell expensive for one small piece of beef, so I guess it's one of those foie gras thingy.

Chicken got liver, Duck got liver, Goose also got liver. But the way of rearing the goose is different so it's more expensive loh.

The same goes for the beef. You can read more here.

Normal Vday set with Australian Beef is 100/pax.

If you change the beef to Matsusaka...it becomes 200/pax.


Never eat before so better try it before Ash changes his mind.

That's the amount of beef I had.

Yah so little.

No kidding.

Maybe I really don't know how to appreciate good stuff. I thought it tasted like fats.

Only that this time, it's real meat.

Meat that tastes like fats. HAhaha....

Other stuff we ate....which might also be in the old post too. But since I took the pictures, I may as well post them up.

In no particular order.


Lobster Sashimi!

Salmon Sashimi!

The chef is preparing the lobster. We had half cooked and half sashimi mah.

Tempura. (Look at the seafood I am eating! My skin is breaking out now loh. But never mind, it's still worth it.)

Sake in the lobster.

Cooking the goose liver!

Yay can eat liao!

Another one! Look at all the oil man....

Lobster/crab soup!? Eat until blur liao....think it's snow crab lah.

Char Peng. Fried rice! With loads of garlic. They obviously don't realise that people will kiss and all after the dinner....

He got me OSIM UZap and I got him nothing. Felt really bad. Guess I'm going to either get him something nice or bring him somewhere nice to have dinner this weekend. Or both.

Couples were walking in town with flowers or bears or nice paper bags in their hands....

Ash and I were walking side by side, with UZap in his hands. It's so obvious that it's Uzap because of the packaging and colour.

Thought it was comical.

It's funny and thoughtful that he got me this, because I NEVER used the iTango from OSIM he got me last Christmas even when he said it would be more effective than the Uzap.

He said that he didn't know what to get me....

1) I lose my jewellery ever so often
2) I already have a working iPod
3) I don't like cutesy stuff
4) I seem to have everything I need at the moment.

I only don't have uZap. And I am constantly obsessed about my weight. Just joined a gym even....

Hahha so I am quite happy with the gift even though he might actually hint that I am fat.

No pictures of me because I looked damn kok and tired as I was overworked and sick that couple of days.

Ah so tired. Nights.

Will reply mails tomorrow I guess. It's 1230am now! OMG.

You think you know me? Try this!!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


That's what I'll blog about.


My mind is in pieces....many pieces. I got bits and pieces to say about the past few days of my life, and I am excited about tomorrow's company dinner(got buffet!).

The boss drove away the Monday Blues by giving the department a treat(not many lah, only 3) for Chinese New Year. I have already Lo Hei-ed 4 times to date, and the record will be 5 tomorrow cos of the company dinner.

I like Lo-Hei. I like the whole platter of vegetables and sour plum sauce. If I could have my own, I'll just have the crispy thing, the sour plum sauce, carrot slices and a truckload of salmon sashimi.

I am very weird when it comes to conversations. Either I don't say anything much(to people I don't know or am uncomfortable with) or I say ridiculous things/inappropriate things.

The boss spoke in those very grateful and happy tone, "I try to go home on time everyday to see my children. It's especially heartwarming and nice to open the door and see my daughter crawling towards me and reaching out her hands to ask me to carry her."

Wanting to join the conversation....you know...trying not to be so shy and quiet....

I almost said....

"Mussel(my dog) also stand up and reach out his arms to ask me to carry him. It's a very nice feeling too!"


But really what, my sweet dog does that.

However, if I really blurted that out, I wonder what would my boss think.

If he's not sensitive, it's still alright....

What if he is those sensitive, meow type?

He might think that I am comparing his daughter to my dog.

HWhahahahah, whatever it is, I am glad I didn't blurt that out.

Been rather vexed these days because I can't find my facial cleanser at Watsons Takashimaya, Clementi, West Mall, Raffles Place....I tried Guardian and Sasa but still cannot find it.

I have been using that ever since I was 11 years old. If I try others, I tend to breakout and so I am afraid to try other cleansers.

Decided to take a chance at Plaza Singapura. Watson's don't have...but Carrefour have! (The Suntec one don't have).

They changed the packaging also. Had a hard time looking for it. Maybe it's new and so everywhere don't have.

Felt so happy and relieved when I saw it. Phew, I can sleep in peace tonight.

I told you that this post will be full of nonsense.

I bought a new pair of sports shoes from Nike! (Like 1 week ago)

Nike Free! It's a super lightweight pair of shoes! Can stuff it in my bag and bring to work and I don't even feel a thing!

Dumped my old pair of lao kok kok(heavy and lousy and old) shoes.

Yay! It's really really really really really light. I know it looks like those kiddie Bata shoes(velcro) but I find tying shoelaces a chore!

Ok, so after buying my facial cleansers, I had some time to spare. I told myself not to visit those makeup counters for the next few months....so shopping there was out of the question.

Then I saw Marks and Spencers' got sale, thought I go check it out. What could I get? The clothes were rather expensive and a little more matured for my taste(although sometimes they do have some nice stuff). The foodstuff was out also because I was on a diet.....

But it was a mistake to step into M&S.

One M&S led to another M&S.

I bought lingerie.

And a bottle of low-fat french dressing.

I gotta stop buying things.

Ok, after tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have been given the mighty task of buying ToTo.

Because I haven't bought such things before...so you can say I am a virgin ToTo player.

Back to the lingerie.

It was cheap! Really!

Ok apart from CK Store where they sell bras for like $2.90....

How much do you expect to pay for a nice/good/decent bra?

$30? $40? $50? Sometimes $80 right?

That's me lah.

Went into M&S and saw the nice bras are going for like $30 only.

Will not feature the bras with me in it. And I even find that showing the whole bra is indecent. Sorry I very lao-tu(conservative).

So I just show the pattern of one cup. Hhahaa, bang bua liap.

This is the black one....I love this one a lot! Pink and black! The flower is so nice!

Got another purple one too! Also $30.

Ok, why I say that I go from one M&S to another....

I wanted something in a certain size, but the Plaza Sing one don't carry it, but they called to check for me at the Centrepoint outlet(very good service! Remember to go to the Plaza Sing M&S next time ok?) and told me to get what I want there. So I bought my purple bra and then WALKED to Centrepoint to get the rest of my stash.

I know it's not very far....but I am the sort of person who would take a cab from Fullerton hotel back to my office(5 mins walk) because I am lazy.

Wow, I walked for shopping.

Also got another bra from M&S, but it's those classic ones that will never really go on sale. That's like $80.

So in a span of 4 days, I've gotten like 5 bras. 3 today, and 2 from last Saturday at Suntec.


Ok so from today I will not go near make-up counters and lingerie shops/corners.

Need more gym to numb myself.


Friday, February 03, 2006


Wah now got so many people join the One Thousand Bloggerse website! Quite cute to see small tiny faces and pictures all squishing together.
It's like 10 people squeezing into a small instant photo booth to take pictures. Hahha you can't see them all, but at least you know that they were there.

Even KennySia has got some bodyguards of his own!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Look like bodyguards hor!?

I know Swifty's on the right, but I don't know who's on the left.

Image hosting by Photobucket

6 free places to go. Quick join before they start to charge you for putting a link there.

Maybe when they start to charge, you can bribe me with chocolate and champagne to put up your link.

Kidding only....

Not that I can bring you that much traffic to begin with.

Ok back to work.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mean Boys

I've been really bored of late. I wonder if it could be the post-new-year syndrome whereby you miss the fun and chats with the relatives and friends....maybe it's hard to switch back to "work" mode. It could also be me trying to escape reality at work....I have 5-6 reports waiting for me to start on. Everyone of them is super time-consuming....I wonder whether I can EVER finish that(I will....trust me. I am a really responsible person.)

Yah whatever that is....I've been surfing the net, calling my friends, emailing everyone and reading blogs like nobody's business.

I get so bored that I do all of them at once.

Read this guy's blog about his bad experience with bad service in the restaurant. I don't want to link him up here in case he is one of those who wants his blog to be really really private.

In short, this receptionist said that the table would be coming soon but it never did. They waited for really long and all...and then realise that the table was not coming anytime soon. It's like Ash saying,"I'll be there in 2 mins!!!!" But in fact, he just left his house. And I hate that when it happens.

Ya so anyway. I quote from the blog.

Me: Excuse me, you know..when a person want something, he says 'Please'.

When a person receives something, he says 'Thank you'.

When you made a mistake, you say...

Receptionist: Sorry?

Me: Very good. Now, let me know when my table is ready.

Hahah so mean right?

But very funny lah. I would never dare say that to someone who gives me bad service. I am one who tends to avoid trouble as much as I can(apart from Ash)....

There was one time I went to KL with Ash and Liz. Ash had to stay on because he had a course to attend....so Liz and I took the transport provided by the tour agency. Fearing for our safety, Ash took down the license plate number of the vehicle(which was perfectly fine by my standards), but the driver was so pissed he started driving us off and scolding him.

Liz went to quarrel with the guy.

I think she did that also because she had a few glasses of whiskey just before we took the car.

*Zhuang dan*


I just kept quiet.

Cos I really didn't want to invite any more trouble.

Which brings me to another experience last week at the lift at UOB Centre.

I was already in the lift ready to go up to 3rd floor(lift door closing already), when suddenly this guy carrying food came into the lift.

Seeing that he was packing lunch, I presumed that he worked at the building and so I didn't think much of it.


This guy kept pressing the CLOSE button.

*Freaking out*

Then he pressed for the 5th floor.

Continuing to press the CLOSE button.

*Freaking out*

My floor came, then as I was walking out....he said in a REALLY SICK voice....

Imagine low, deep and desperately trying to sound husky but failed.....really sick voice.


I GOT SO SCARED, I quickly walked out of the lift before he quickly press the close button of the lift.

I just don't know how to deal with trouble. Sigh.

Time to go to bed.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A French Restaurant at Club St

It was Ash's birthday on the 26th and I decided to treat him some nice French food(he loves it) instead of buying a present.

Ok...I admit I didn't get him anything.

It was also because he didn't want me to get him anything. So I listened....

On C's recommendation, we went to one of the French Restaurants at Club St...I am not sure what's the name, but I know that it starts with Chez.

It could be Chez La Mamy....if Ann Siang Road is near Club St.

Oh wells...it doesn't really matter.

The decor of the restaurant! Very humble and small restaurant. We were like the only ones there...until 8pm....then another 2 groups of people walked in. Hhaha so we got our food first!

The stairway down to the kitchen. The chef is a lady....she's quite friendly(I think she has to cos it's her restaurant) because she walked and talked with the guests of the restaurant.

Warm bread! Confirm from Delifrance.

I ordered a set dinner and Ash ordered A la carte. And pardon me for not being able to remember the dishes. You know how the names of French food are....it makes memorising History textbooks sound like heaven.

This is some chicken liver/foie gras with mustard-tasting sauce with some weird fruit at the side.

Fwa....Ash's favourite Foie Gras. It's amazing I tell you. But it's not as good as the one at St Pierre's and the Vis-a-vis at Upper Bukit Timah. It's more worth it over there...

My main course. (Like so fast hor) Duck drumstick? Wasn't so sure about it....

It came with potato gratin. THIS is nice.

Ash ordered a rack of lambs...which is quite nice but still not as good as we expected it to be. Shaslik, Vis-a-vis and Kalinka Malinka would be better.

Hahha let you see what's left of my main course.

We shared the dessert. I have no idea what it's called but it tastes a little like Chocolate Souffle...

The cranberries are frozen and sour! With the sweet and warm chocolate cake/pudding/watever...it tasted really nice!

Hahaha, it really wasn't worth it in my opinion because Ash went down to Takashimaya and bought himself some more GoGo sausages. The portions were quite small and not satisfying enough....

Ahh....told you I'm going to have a blogging diarrhoea. More to come. Stay tuned!